When is the next big Apple event?

When is the next big Apple event?

Apple has confirmed the next event will be in late September, which would be the first time the company has announced a new product in almost two years.

But a tweet on Monday from Apple’s vice president of worldwide product management Craig Federighi suggested the event might be held a month earlier than the official announcement.

“Apple is planning an event in September 2018,” FederighI said.

“Stay tuned!”

Federigh I also teased that Apple might be holding an event with “new products” that were “in development.”

The tweet comes after a spate of leaks about the next-generation iPhone, which Federigh has been saying could arrive in September.

Apple was reportedly working on a new iPad model, and an announcement about the iPad mini was recently dropped by the company.

But Federigh i also hinted that a new version of the iPhone 8 was “not far away.”

“The next iPhone is still in the works,” FederigoI tweeted on Tuesday.

“But it’s not far away yet.”

Federigh also tweeted on Monday that the company was “working on a big update to our iPad.”

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are expected to be announced in September, but there is no word on when Apple might release a new model of the iPad.

Federigh’s tweets come amid reports that Apple was working on an updated version of its iPhone, the 9.7-inch iPhone X. Apple has also been rumored to be working on new Apple Watches, as well as new iPhone models with new display sizes.

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