Eye-tracking technology could help doctors diagnose the rare condition – but is it worth it?

Eye-tracking technology could help doctors diagnose the rare condition – but is it worth it?

Updated February 10, 2019 12:00:54Doctors in the United States are trying to track the movements of patients with eye-tracking equipment to help them identify and treat the condition.

Key points:Dr John Ragan is testing out the technology to help diagnose the condition and treat patientsThe technology can track people’s eye movements for up to 24 hoursA number of US states are looking into the technology as wellAs the technology is only in its early stages, Dr Ragan has been testing it out at the University of California, Los Angeles, to help identify patients with the rare eye-muscle disorder.

“We’ve got the same problem as the rest of us,” Dr Ragans told ABC News.

“A lot of patients have an eye problem and it’s difficult to diagnose.”

Dr Ragan said he and his colleagues had a patient who had a large number of eye injuries.

“This patient had the most extensive injuries,” he said.

“It looked like he had a big hole in his eye, which would be the right thing to call an eye injury.”

So we decided to look at the eye and try and identify that area, and it turned out to be the area that was most damaged by the injury.

“Dr Rick Kosser, a professor of orthopedic surgery at Johns Hopkins University who is also a member of the group working on the technology, said the device was a “really good idea”.”

The patient had a lot of eye injury and it was difficult to identify because there was no clear area of damage,” he told ABC Radio.”

But the eye movement of the patient, in the absence of visual cues, helped us identify the injury more accurately.

“Dr Kossers team hopes the technology will help diagnose eye-loss and improve the quality of life for those suffering from the condition, such as those with the progressive form of the disorder.

Dr Ragson, who is a member the research group, said he was optimistic that the technology would be useful for some time.”

The goal is to try and have this device, in a couple of years, be used in other fields,” he added.”

I’m hoping that the eye will become a really useful tool in other research, and maybe one day, the eye could help us identify other conditions.

“Dr Bruce Cottrell is a professor at the Royal Perth and Meechlin Hospital, where he is working on research on the condition called PIGS.”

There’s a lot that we’re learning about eye movements,” he explained.”

One of the things that we know is that people with the condition don’t have any visual cues.

So when they move their eyes, it can be quite difficult to see.

“Dr Cottrel said the technology was useful for patients who could not identify the injuries that were causing the injuries and could not see where the injury was located.”

In this case, the injury could be near the retina, so it’s not just the visual area of the eye that’s damaged, it’s the area between the retina and the retina,” he wrote on his website.”

If we can learn how to see the movements from the eye, then we can use that information to see what is causing the injury in the eye.


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