‘The End of The Line’ trailer: ‘This Is How We Die’

‘The End of The Line’ trailer: ‘This Is How We Die’

This Is How we Die is a documentary that chronicles the life of two men who were born with a rare genetic disease that prevents them from breathing.

The disease, called Dravet syndrome, causes severe lung failure and eventually, death.

They were born in New Zealand in the 1950s and were taken in by an American couple, whose daughter was pregnant with their baby.

The parents are now both living in the United States, and both of them have Dravets.

Their son, Ryan, has had to undergo chemotherapy for months, and his daughter, Tiffany, has also had to endure the same treatment.

The documentary explores the impact Dravett syndrome has had on Ryan and Tiffany, as well as the many other children who have had to go through this painful and painful ordeal.

This is How We Dont Die is available now on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

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