Gizmodo editor says Ivanka Trump’s brand is ‘unrelenting’

Gizmodo editor says Ivanka Trump’s brand is ‘unrelenting’

The editor of Gizmo says Ivanka’s clothing line, Ivanka Trump, has been “unrelentingly unhelpful” to the brand and its consumers.

In an interview with Bloomberg, editor Adam Schlesinger said his magazine’s focus has been on Ivanka for years, but has become less about the clothing line and more about the Trump brand.

Schlesingers says it’s difficult to “fix a product and a brand that’s been unhelpfully misused by a brand” and said he and his staff have tried to find “more of a sense of what we’re trying to accomplish” with Ivanka.

But Schlesings statement comes as Ivanka Trump has come under fire for her decision to give a speech at a conservative conference in which she touted her business experience and personal wealth.

Ivanka has denied any wrongdoing.

Schleings remarks come a day after the Trump Organization announced plans to close its boutique Ivanka Trump in New York.

Ivanka’s new clothing line will feature more muted colors and more muted fabrics.

The clothing line has a price point of $49.99 and a free shipping option.

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