How to make your own eye makeup from scratch

How to make your own eye makeup from scratch

Makeup from scratch is a very popular trend these days, and I was really excited to find out how to make my own eye make-up.

While it might seem like the perfect opportunity to spend money on makeup at a flea market, a few steps are needed to make this a very easy process.

 You’ll need to know the right materials for your eye makeup.

I like to start with some high quality pigments.

If you don’t have any already, you’ll need some high-quality eye makeup brushes, eyeshadow remover, a tube of eye shadow, a little eyeliner, and a small amount of mascara.

Once you have these, you can begin making your own eyeliner.

You can use any kind of eyeliner that you like.

You might have some eye makeup that you’ve tried before that you feel you prefer, but I like to use eye makeup I’ve made.

You can find eye makeup on Amazon and other stores.

For my first eye makeup, I decided to go with a pink eyeliner and a glittery eyeshade.

Using glittery eye shadow will make your eyes look brighter, and also gives your eyes a little sparkle.

The glittery eyeliner is super easy to apply.

Just dab it on your eyelids and then spread it on.

The glittery shade will get on the edges of your eye lashes.

You’ll want to dab the glittery product over your eyes, so you don to mess it up.

A little goes a long way, especially when you have long lashes.

Here’s a tutorial on how to use glittery mascara.

It’s super easy, and it will help you achieve your perfect look.

Makeup can also be made using eyeliner brush.

My first eyeliner was a pinkish-gold.

After a few coats, I noticed that the pink eyeshades looked a little thinner.

This made my first eyeliners look a little thin too.

Next, I used eyeliner remover to remove any glittery particles from my eyes.

Use a tiny amount of eye primer to apply the eyeliner primer.

Finish by applying mascara, then your eyeshadows, and finishing with glittery lip liner.

All of this makeup is super pigmented, and looks great on my face.

I like the way the glitter on my eyes look when applied to my lips.

Some people might be disappointed that glittery glitter is so hard to apply, but it’s totally worth it if you like the look of glittery makeup.

Makeup is the new lipstick.

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