What is Kala Eyewear? | The Times Of India

What is Kala Eyewear? | The Times Of India

Kala eyeglasses, made by Indian eyeware brand Gucci, are on sale in Mumbai, Mumbai is the capital of the state of Maharashtra, India, and are priced at Rs.1,600.

Kala is a brand which has a long history in India, which is a very cosmopolitan city with a rich history of international brands and is home to some of the most iconic brands of the world.

The brand’s main focus in India is on eyewares which feature a traditional look which is considered very popular in India.

According to Kala, they are also designed with a modern design which suits all budgets and can be purchased with various accessories such as sunglasses, earrings and more.

The eyewears are made in India from the finest materials and can take a wide variety of colors, shades and textures, including a full range of materials including acrylics, leather, silk, rubber and more, which means they can easily be customized to your personal style.

They are made by Gucci and have a retail price of Rs. 1,600 per pair. 

Guitar player Jhene Aiko has teamed up with Kala in an effort to make the Indian market more affordable for musicians who want to purchase affordable eyewash.

Aiko has teamed up to create an affordable brand with a different look and feel, he told ET in an interview. 

“It’s an exciting time for musicians in India and a good time for us to be part of that.

With a new generation of musicians starting to make music in India that is in the midst of a lot of changes and a new wave of music that is emerging, there is a need for affordable eyeglass brands,” he said. 

With a focus on high-end, designer eyewas, Aiko said the company was also looking to expand into other emerging markets like Southeast Asia and Europe, where there is an increasing demand for affordable glasses. 

The brand is currently in the process of launching a limited edition version of the Kala that will be available in different colours and sizes for those who want it. 

‘A lot of young people in India are interested in availing cheap eyewashes’ Jhene A, Head of Product & Marketing at Gucci said that he was not surprised that Kala was gaining popularity in India because he thinks it is very important for the young generation to be able to afford these types of items. 

Aiko said he was also aware that many young people were not willing to shell out more for expensive eyewashing products because they did not feel comfortable spending money on a product they were not going to use or that was not going with them.

“A lot, a lot, of young artists are in India who are interested, especially young artists in Mumbai and the suburbs, in availabilities of the brand, the colours and the materials,” he told The Times. 

Gucci is also a partner in the KALA campaign which has seen more than 10 million people participate on Instagram, and in India too, they have also partnered with the brand to promote the brand in different cities across India. 

In a press release, Gucci’s Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President of Marketing at India Rajesh Singh said the partnership with KALI has been instrumental in getting the brand into a larger number of countries across the globe. 

Kala eyebrows are available in over 200 countries and brands in many different countries are now offering the brand’s affordable eyecares. 

Singh added that the KALSA campaign has seen an increase in engagement and sales for the brand globally and was very much appreciated by the Kaloi team. 

This comes after Gucci launched its first line of affordable eyebrow products in India in October last year. 

According to the brand Kala has also been featured on CBS News India’s Pune Live broadcast, where it was shown with Kalois flagship product Kala Glass. 

It is believed that Gucci has also teamed up in the past with fashion brand Dior. 

Both Gucci eyegrow and Kala are also being sold on GuysDress, a popular online marketplace where brands and fashion houses are selling products in bulk.

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