Rebranding the ‘Apple Watch’ to focus on smartwatches

Rebranding the ‘Apple Watch’ to focus on smartwatches

Rebrand the “Apple Watch” as a “smartwatch.”

“The new Apple Watch” is a device designed for people who wear glasses and have an app that can track and manage their health.

“We’re going to be talking about the Apple Watch in this article,” said James B. Lee, Apple’s chief product officer.

“It will have all the same features and functions as the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

It’s going to have all that connectivity and that ability to have health data.”

Apple has said that the watch is a “wearable device” and will have a “sport-focused” design that will not have an “all-in-one” watch.

The new design has not yet been announced.

In a separate interview with CNNMoney, Lee also said that there would be two models of the watch, one that will be “smart” and one that is “just a watch.”

The new Apple watch is expected to have a battery life of two to three weeks, according to Apple, which says that it will have sensors that can detect “motion and vibrations, heat, light and pressure.”

Apple will launch the new watch on September 21, and it will go on sale in October.

The company says that its new watch will be a “fashionable, smart watch,” and it plans to sell it in stores.

“The watch will feature a smartwatch experience,” said Lee.

“There will be some of the same functionality that’s already on the iPhone.

It will be an all-in on-watch experience.

We’re not going to bring the Apple watch to your pocket.

We want you to feel connected.”

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