How to buy eyewears for $49.95 on Target (US)

How to buy eyewears for $49.95 on Target (US)

Target is offering a variety of eyewares for a mere $49 on its website.

It lists many of the brands that make up its eyeware range and also offers the eyewash for sale, a bundle that includes two sets of eyeglasses and two eye shadow masks.

You can also pick up a pair of sunglasses or a pair with a custom design for $59.99.

However, the prices on the website vary.

A pair of the cheapest pairs on Target is $59, while a pair that comes with a pair to go is $99.99 on the site.

However the price difference is $1, which the retailer says is for “design and shipping.”

The online retailer also lists a couple of other eyewashes and the products are sold out.

A $20 eyewashed brush is also included in the price, and the product comes with one brush and a brush case for $39.99, which includes a case for a pair and two brushes.

You also get a set of eye masks and a box of 10 for $19.99 each.

If you’re not interested in getting a custom-made pair of glasses, you can also buy the eyeglass range separately, which is $49 for $79.99 with a special offer.

However it’s not available to buy individually, so you’ll have to pay for it.

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