‘Older men don’t get to wear their glasses’: New study shows that older men are less likely to buy glasses

‘Older men don’t get to wear their glasses’: New study shows that older men are less likely to buy glasses

New research has found that men who have had their eyewears modified are less willing to buy them.

The study was conducted by the Australian Centre for Policy Alternatives and used information on more than 9,000 people who had glasses replaced.

The survey revealed that older people were the most likely to have their glasses removed.

“A significant number of older men, as well as those who were the only one to have a partial eyeglass replacement, did not buy glasses,” the study said.

“Older people who have a complete eyeglasses replacement are also less likely than other groups to purchase glasses.”

Dr John Tait, the study’s author and the director of the Centre for Information Technology at the University of Adelaide, said it was not a surprise that older Australians were less likely or able to afford glasses.

“We knew this was a problem in the general population but in older people it was even more significant because they are often the only people who don’t have access to their own carers,” Dr Tait said.

He said the study showed that “older people who can’t afford to buy their own glasses” were also less willing than those who could to have them removed.

He called on the Federal Government to change the law to allow older people to get their own lenses replaced if they were not able to.

“They are more than twice as likely to go out and buy glasses and there are quite a lot of things they could do to ensure that,” Dr. Tait told ABC Radio.

“If they’re able to, we would be doing the people of this country a great service if they could.”


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