Top 20 UK sunglasses

Top 20 UK sunglasses

The top 20 UK eyewears are worth around £1,500 and a lot more than the average pair of glasses. 

The average pair is £700, but a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses could be worth £1.5 million. 

It’s the top 20 list, based on research by the consultancy firm EyeSmart, and comes from the UK, US, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. 

Tom Ford’s top brands are the Ford Rangers, the Tom Ford Sport Ranger, the Ford Explorer, the Sport Ranger Classic and the Ford Classic Sport. 

Among the top 10 are the Ford Explorer Classic Sport and the  Ford Explorer Classic. 

In the UK there are six brands, and the top brands include Tom, Ford, Ford Rangers and Ford Sport.

The Ford Explorer and Ford Classic are two of the most popular brands. 

According to the research, the top five brands are Ford, Ford Ranger, Ford Explorer Sport and Ford Motor. 

Top 20 brands, based in the UK Tom Ford Sport, Tom Ford Ranger Classic, Tom ford,Tom ford Sport,Ford Explorer, Ford Classic, Ford SportsSource The Irish Sun headline: Top 20 brands in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, IrelandSource The Telegraph headline: The best-loved brands in America and New York Source The Independent headline: Best-liked brands in New York and LondonSource The Times headline: A guide to the best brands in Europe

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