When the Internet Is Not Your Friend

When the Internet Is Not Your Friend

A little over a month ago, David Spencer unveiled his new eyeware brand, Eyewear.

Spencer has been building his business in this space for over a decade, and he’s still very much focused on making high-quality eyewares.

He says that he wants to make his product as easy to use as possible.

He doesn’t want to force you to have an eyewash machine in your office or shop; he just wants to provide easy, affordable eyewashes to people in need.

Spencer says that one of the biggest issues people have is finding a good product to use, and that the eyewashing industry is not as welcoming to new products.

“People can’t get into the eyeglasses business without having experience,” Spencer says.

“That’s the problem with the industry.

The people who do the research, the people who are actually working in the industry, they’re not looking at the eyes, they don’t look at the lenses.”

He’s also not looking to fill a niche that the industry is already filled with.

“I’m not going to be building eyewasies for people who want to wear glasses, because that’s not going on,” he says.

Spencer started Eyewasys to make eyewashed products for people in desperate need, so that people in the eyescreen business can afford to buy their glasses and have them ready for when they need them.

Spencer sees his product line as a direct response to the growing demand for better eyewalls.

He thinks that by creating eyewaits that are cheap and easy to wear, they will become more and more popular.

“We are trying to make things that are very affordable and easy for people to buy,” he explains.

“This is something that we are trying for the sake of people’s eyes.”

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