NFL owners to meet in New York City to discuss NFL, global vision, NFLPA

NFL owners to meet in New York City to discuss NFL, global vision, NFLPA

NFL owners and their union representatives will meet Monday to discuss a range of issues, including the league’s efforts to expand global vision.

The meeting is the latest sign that the NFL is exploring ways to bolster the union’s presence on the field and in the community.

Last week, owners voted unanimously to allow their players to negotiate their contract with the league.

The owners are expected to discuss the NFLPA’s role in negotiations and how the union can help the league and its players achieve their goals, according to a league source.

“The owners want to work with us, and they’re going to be looking to us,” union president DeMaurice Smith said after the owners meeting.

“They want us to help them get a better deal.”

The union has made several high-profile efforts to get the league to pay more money for player health care.

The union has negotiated a collective bargaining agreement that includes health care benefits for all players.

The union is also negotiating with other sports leagues to include health care as part of player contracts.

The NFLPA will continue to seek a contract extension with the NFL, league sources said, but the union has been told it is not likely to receive an extension until the owners meetings begin.NFL players are also scheduled to meet with the union at the league office in New Orleans on Wednesday to discuss issues, league officials said.

“This is an opportunity to discuss all the issues we are working on,” league president Eric Grubman said.

“There’s a lot of work to do.”

The owners and union are expected at the owners’ meeting to discuss whether to give a vote on a collective agreement and whether to include the health care provisions, league executives said.

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