Samsung Eyewear: ‘A dream come true’

Samsung Eyewear: ‘A dream come true’

SAMA eyewears are not your typical fashion accessories, they are the perfect way to blend in and stay out of the limelight. 

According to Samsung, SAMA Eyewears allow the wearer to express their individuality and express themselves without the pressure of the public eye. 

Samsung has released a limited edition of SAMA sunglasses that will be available on September 16, 2019, with a price tag of USD 2,995 ($36.80). 

A $500 discount is available for the first 1000 pairs of the sunglasses. 

SAMA is a Japanese brand and is part of the Samsung Group, which also includes the popular Korean tech brand, Samsung Electronics. 

The sunglasses are the first ever SAMA product, and will be sold only through Samsung’s online stores and online stores of other brands. 

A SAMA customer will be able to use the sunglasses on Samsung mobile phones, but not in their desktops, laptops, or televisions. 

These sunglasses are also not compatible with other Samsung products, so they won’t work with the Samsung Watch, Samsung Pay, and other Samsung mobile payment services. 

In addition to the sunglasses, Samsung will be offering an exclusive limited edition SAMA bracelet with the purchase of the SAMA S-series sunglasses.

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