New ad for Caddis & Allen makes eyewears is ‘weird’

New ad for Caddis & Allen makes eyewears is ‘weird’

Caddies &amp.

Allen, a specialty eyeware company, has been a leading provider of eyewash in the U.S. since the 1960s, when its founders were working in the cosmetics industry.

The company’s newest ad for its Caddie &amp.; Allen eyewares, which is slated to air on Sunday, will feature two men, one of whom wears glasses and another who does not, saying: “I think the world is weird.

It’s a beautiful world.

And you need to look at it and understand why.”

The ad is a parody of a similar spot made by Caddi &amp.: Allen in 2015, featuring a man wearing glasses, saying that he’s “just as crazy as you.”

The Caddian &” Allen ads featured a woman wearing glasses and said: “She doesn’t need glasses.

“Caddi&Allen responded to the ad, writing in an email: “Our company, Caddia&amp.;Allen, is not affiliated with any specific brand or business.

It was created by two passionate women who wanted to tell the story of women who have defied stereotypes and embraced our unique brand.

Our ads are based on the true story of our women, who were inspired to overcome the hurdles of their pasts, and continue to push the boundaries of beauty and comfort.

We know we’re just as crazy &amp.

“The company also said the ad was inspired by “one of our biggest strengths, the incredible community we have built around our products, the amazing people who support us, and the great brands that are making our products available.

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