‘David Spencer’ eyewears are coming to the UK soon

‘David Spencer’ eyewears are coming to the UK soon

Eyewear maker David Spencer has launched a line of eyewars that offer both high-quality and affordable designs for wear by the eye.

The new line is named ‘David’, and will hit the market this spring.

‘David’ is the name of the sunglasses David Spencer developed in 2014.

It is a line that incorporates both high quality and affordable styles, and is currently available at some of the biggest retailers in the UK.

The glasses come in three colours – Black, Blue and Yellow.

Spencer said he hopes to eventually launch a range of ‘David’s’ with other colours and colours of the sky.

“I want to make eyewares that are affordable, high-end and versatile, and I want to do that by creating something that you can wear on a regular basis, whether you are a professional or not,” he said.

The sunglasses are currently available from David Spencer in the following colours: Black, Red, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Pink and Blue.

Spencer believes that a wide range of colour palettes will make the ‘David-inspired’ eyeglasses affordable.

“A lot of people are using shades of brown for the look, but we want to be able to mix and match colours,” he explained.

“We are going to be releasing shades of blue, purple and green to match the look of the colours.”

The company says the new range will also feature more “realistic” designs, like a black face mask with red eye patches, and a yellow-orange-red headband.

“The colours are going be more realistic and you will see the same patterns in the lenses,” Spencer said.

“You will see a little bit of the inner workings of the glasses.”

“We want to get the design and the materials of the eyeware to be a little more affordable and make them wearable,” Spencer continued.

“So it’s going to have a lot of features that are wearable and it will be more of a high-performance eyewash.”

Spencer believes the new designs are a step forward for his company, but that he is also interested in offering a range with some unique features.

“What we are looking for is a product that will appeal to people who are looking to make a high quality pair of eyeglass glasses for their eye, or who want a little something different to a regular pair of glasses,” he added.

“With this, we can bring the real experience to people.”

Spencer said the range will be limited to one pair, but said it will have a “lot of options”.

“We have a limited number of pairs that we are able to offer.

The range will definitely include different styles of glasses and lenses, so that’s a nice thing,” he noted.

“This is a way for us to experiment and bring in different styles to our customers and be able have them choose what they want.”

Spencer also said that he wants to build the range around a new concept he has been working on for a while.

“It’s called ‘Oculism’, and it’s a very simple concept that’s going on with our vision,” he told TechRadars.

“When I saw it, it seemed to be quite clever and I thought, ‘What would it be about that that would be interesting?'”

Spencer said that the ‘Oculus’ concept involves having a user interface that’s more akin to the Oculus Rift, with virtual objects that look like real life objects and then the user can look around and interact with them.

Spencer also explained that this idea will eventually expand to include ‘Ouroboros’ glasses, which are similar to the eyegear designed for the Oculus Touch controllers.

“As soon as we launch the first batch of Ouroboras, we’ll be able bring a range up to the point where we can make the Oculus experience more realistic, more interactive, more realistic with the Oculus technology,” Spencer added.

Spencer told Techradars that he plans to launch his new eyewatches in spring this year.

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