The world’s best pair of sunglasses, according to Australian researchers

The world’s best pair of sunglasses, according to Australian researchers

A pair of high-tech sunglasses has been named Australia’s best high-quality pair of eyewears by researchers at the University of Queensland.

Key points:The pair of frames was created by researchers from the University, Queensland and the Australian National UniversityThe glasses measure 2.4 metres (9 feet) wide, 5.4 meters (17 feet) tall and weigh less than 1kgEach frame is made of lightweight material that has been made from a mix of polymer and plasticThe researchers used a 3D printer to print the frames using the latest in printing technologyThe researchers found the glasses are strong, durable and stylishThe frames are made from lightweight material made from polycarbonate and glass that is printed by a 3-D printer, enabling the frames to be made from high-performance materials such as carbon fiber, titanium and polycarbonates.

“What we have found with the lens frame is that they’re very strong and durable, which is really important when you’re wearing them in a lot of situations,” Professor Mark Hulbert, one of the study’s authors, said.

“So they’re really good for sports or a sport where you’re in a hurry.”

The frames measure 2,4 metres wide, 10.4m tall and 2.5kg each, making them a good choice for sportsmen or women.

Professor Hulbert said they were a great choice for those who were travelling with their family.

“These glasses are very light, very lightweight, and they’re made from durable materials that can be used for a long time, so they’re great for sports,” he said.

Professor Mark Hulinbert, a researcher from the Australian Joint Product Development Organisation (AJPDO), has developed a new way to manufacture high- quality eyewares.

“We’ve got to make the frames with the same quality that we use in the manufacturing process,” he explained.

“If we can make the materials we need in such a way that they are very easy to work with and very affordable, then it’s going to be very successful.”

Researchers at the Queensland University of Technology have been researching the use of a new type of printer to produce the frames, which are made using the new 3-d printer technology.

The technology allows the printers to produce frames of high quality with a small footprint, making the frames lighter and easier to carry.

The team is working to develop a way to make a frame that could be manufactured in just three weeks, as well as a new frame with a smaller footprint, allowing for the use in sporting events.

“I think that the next generation of high tech glasses will be quite big, because it will really allow people to travel longer distances without getting sweaty, without getting injured,” Professor Hulberger said.”[We want to be] able to bring people out to these events for longer periods of time without any injury.”

Researchers from the Queensland university, along with the Australian and US governments, have launched a new project, which aims to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Professor John Jansen, from the university’s School of Physics, has developed the lenses for the project.

“There’s this idea that the climate is changing, the air is changing.

But when we look at the air we can see that it’s changing very slowly,” he told ABC Radio Queensland.”

You’re actually seeing the temperature change, the humidity change and we’re seeing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere and so it’s a very, very slow change.”

But that’s what we want to see in our future.


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