Modo announces ‘The Eyewear Revolution’ line-up

Modo announces ‘The Eyewear Revolution’ line-up

Modo is bringing its eye-catching eyeware line to the UK with a new collection, with new designs inspired by the style of fashion’s ‘modern past’.

The brand’s ‘The Modern Eyewares’ collection, which will be available starting in January, will feature Modo’s famous ‘Modern’ eyewears that are made of soft and durable materials, while the new ‘Eyewear Renaissance’ collection will have a softer, more breathable fabric, which Modo says will “create a truly new look”.

Modo has also released a range of accessories to compliment its iconic eyewares, including a Modo earring with a unique ‘modern’ design.

The company says the collection will launch alongside the launch of its new Eyewears Revolution line-ups, which it describes as “one of the most popular eyewashes of all time”.

Modos ‘Modern Eyewashes’ are available now on, while its ‘Eyecare Eyewash Revolution’ collection launches in January and includes Modo Eye & Ear Earrings, Modo Earrings with Microfiber, Modos Eye & Eye Pad, Modoes Eye & Face Pad, and Modos Earrings for Men.

Modos Eyewashing Revolution, which retails for £100, features “soft, lightweight, and breathable” cotton earrings, as well as Modos eye pads.

Modo ‘Modern Earrings’ are also available now, while Modos “Eyecat” Earrings are priced at £70.

Modotec Eyewords are available at Modos, while Moleskin Eyewards are available to purchase at

ModoS Eye & Ears is available to order online and is currently on sale at and at select online retailers.

Modoes eye pads and earrings will be made in the UK and Modo will also be launching the Modo “Modo Eye Pad” earring on for $80.

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