Watch this video about the upcoming Women’s Eyewear Event

Watch this video about the upcoming Women’s Eyewear Event

WOMEN’S EYEWATCH EVENT FOR 2018: The Women’s EyeWatch event is a new way to share your vision, to connect with your community and to receive a free gift!

The event will take place on March 17-18 at the U.S. Pavilion in the Women’s Pavilion in San Francisco, California.

The event will be hosted by The Ophthalmic Society of America (OSA) and the National Association of Facial Plastic Surgeons (NAPS).

The event is designed to connect women with the world of cosmetic surgery, and will provide a platform to share their personal experiences with cosmetic surgeons, and to help inspire women to pursue their own cosmetic surgery journey.

The goal of the event is to bring together women of diverse backgrounds, including immigrants, refugees, women with disabilities, and those who have chosen not to undergo cosmetic surgery for fear of discrimination or stigma.

It is designed as a way for women to meet, network and connect with their peers and to share ideas, perspectives, and stories about cosmetic surgery.

In addition, the event will offer a platform for women with a diverse set of skin, hair, and eye colors to share and connect, and the opportunity for women of all backgrounds to learn about the procedures available for women.

The Ophthalmological Society of North America (OSSNA) is the professional association for cosmetic surgery professionals in North America.

It promotes the growth and advancement of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery as an integral part of healthcare for all women.

The OSSNA is the organization responsible for promoting the advancement of women in cosmetic surgery worldwide.

OSSNAS membership is open to anyone who wishes to pursue cosmetic surgery or has any cosmetic surgery related questions.

It encourages women to get the care they need, regardless of their skin color, appearance, gender identity, disability, or other circumstances.

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