How to turn your phone into a video camera

How to turn your phone into a video camera

The latest in the ever-expanding world of wearable tech.

| Photo Credit: Google Trends via GIPHY | Posted April 03, 2018 12:00:00A few years ago, a startup called Bodega launched an ad campaign with an adorable little toy named Boogaloo that would appear when your phone was on silent.

After being introduced, you could ask Boogala to move around your screen and see what you could see.

Bodega had already launched a number of similar ads on the internet, but the idea behind Boogaloog was to use a motion sensor to record what your phone would see.

To do this, the app had a simple interface that showed you what was being displayed and let you control it with a button on your device.

Bodesga had two main advantages over the competition.

First, the product could be customized, meaning it could have different colors, text, or other visual cues.

Second, the company had the ability to share the data with third parties.

Boogallyo was designed by Google and was meant to be easy to customize and share with third party ad agencies.

Bodyspace founder Ryan Mays said that the idea for Boogalloo came about when he was at work and started to wonder what other devices could be used to record video.

He decided to start using a device called the Waze car-tagging app to record and share his location with his partner.

The app would automatically tag any car that it saw in a given location, then it would alert Mays to the vehicle’s location by asking a question or asking him to share some information.

Boogiealoo has been around for a few years now and is already used by thousands of people across the US and Canada.

The app has received some positive reviews and has been downloaded more than 6 million times.

Mays said the company has also seen its userbase grow as a result of the app.

When it launched, Boogalyo only had around 200 users and now it has more than 13,000 users.

Mays also noted that he didn’t expect to be using Boogalos app for the next four years.

He believes that Boogalingo has a strong future and expects that it will continue to grow as more people discover Boogallo, a feature that has been in the works for a while.

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