Why you should care about the $10.7 million eyewearing recall

Why you should care about the $10.7 million eyewearing recall

The eyewares recall is just one of the things that could cause a serious issue for Apple.

If you’ve got one of these new Apple products, you might not want to buy it again.

Here’s how you can find out if your Apple product is part of the recall:If you’re seeing this message:Your Apple product may be part of a recall.

This is not a full-fledged recall and is just a warning to you to be sure to keep all of your receipts and other documents in a safe place.

The recall is not intended to cause harm to you or your family.

The other issues that you might be experiencing include:A cracked screen.

This may cause your device to appear to have broken, or appear to be cracked.

Apple is recalling this type of screen to ensure that it can be repaired to fix the problem.

You can also see if there are any issues with the device itself.

Apple has yet to announce any other issues related to this recall.

You may also want to take a look at these other articles that may help you understand how to take action:

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