Which eyewears are the best for you? | NYTimes.com

Which eyewears are the best for you? | NYTimes.com

By Laura MolloyPublished Nov. 30, 2018 11:30:33For the last five years, my boyfriend and I have been shopping for the right eyewash.

I was looking for something that would keep my face looking fresh and not get me dirty, but I was also looking for a pair that would also look good on a night out.

We’ve had a couple of good choices, like our new pair of Burt’s Bees, but none have quite captured our attention yet.

That’s why I wanted to see which brands were actually making eyewares that we’d actually want to wear.

I had the opportunity to try a pair of Lush Cosmetics’ Urban Decay Naked Palette, and it was a blast.

The palette has an easy, clean feel and the colors are gorgeous.

I wore it a lot during the day and it stayed put for me.

It has that perfect combination of natural-looking colors, a matte finish, and a creamy feel.

I like the way it looks, and I also loved how it looks in the mirror.

But while it was great for me, I didn’t get the full benefit of the palette.

It doesn’t have a lot of the benefits that I would have liked to see.

For one, the palette comes with a plastic container that doesn’t really fit the palette like other brands do.

The plastic isn’t as smooth as I would prefer it to be, so it’s a bit of a hassle to wash it off after using it.

Plus, it’s not as hygienic as I’d like it to have been, which is definitely a plus.

The other thing that I noticed was that the palette didn’t last long.

I tried it on and off for a week, and then it started to dry out.

It’s hard to describe the look, but it was kind of like the palette was starting to fade.

It was kind in the middle of my makeup routine, so I ended up buying a new one.

I was initially disappointed because the palette came with a box of eight shades, and the ones I actually purchased were all just slightly darker than what the palette offered.

This means that I was going to be buying a ton of shades to wear during the week, but at the end of the week I didn (hopefully) find a shade that I liked enough to keep on wearing.

I decided to check out the Urban Decay Nude Palette online and it wasn’t too bad.

I picked up two shades: a matte-black, which I loved, and one that was just a bit lighter in color.

The colors were all gorgeous, and though they didn’t look exactly like what I wanted on my face, they looked great.

I would definitely recommend picking up a few shades for your collection.

I did find one thing that did get in the way of my love of the shade, however.

There is a matte base that is supposed to help with dryness and smudging, but the Urban Dark Decay Palette doesn’t do that.

The matte base is supposed, however, to help make the palette last longer.

But that didn’t seem to be the case with the Urban Shadows palette, so we’ll have to wait and see what Urban Decay’s next product is like.

The Urban Decay Urban Decay Palettes are available now through Urban Decay.com, but there are still some retailers like Ulta and Walmart who are selling them for less than $10 each.

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