How bella’s $1 billion buyout of Oakley helped the company grow its business

How bella’s $1 billion buyout of Oakley helped the company grow its business

Bella’s purchase of Oakleys eyewears for $1.4 billion helps the company’s business grow by more than half as much as it expected, according to analysts.

The deal was completed in July, a month after Oakley said it would pay $1 a share to buy Bella for $3.2 billion, bringing the combined company’s revenue to $4.2 trillion.

The combined company has more than 6.5 million customers and produces eyeware and other products for the medical device industry.

“We believe Bella is a great value for both Oakley and its investors,” the company said in a statement.

The company said the acquisition of Oaklys eyewares would be completed in a few months.

“The acquisition will add significant value to Bella, and we are excited about its continued growth,” the statement said.

The purchase of Bella and Oakley’s eyewatches is a deal that also gives the two companies a greater footprint in the eyewearing market, which includes brands such as Bella Eyewear and Oakleys.

Bella has been a leading eyewarer since its founding in 1997, and its brands have made a major dent in the market.

The Oakley-owned company, which also owns the Bella Group, makes high-end eyewash brands such the BeLLa line and the BeVie line, which include the BeVAI line.

The acquisition of Bellas eyewashes is the first big eyewater deal in the history of the Bella Group.

Bellashares revenue grew 7.4% to $7.1 billion in 2016, according the company.

BeLLas revenue grew 6.9% to nearly $7 billion in 2015, according data from the company and FactSet.

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