A look at the ‘best’ sneakers in India’s footwear market

A look at the ‘best’ sneakers in India’s footwear market

India’s biggest footwear brand, Adidas, has unveiled its first ever collaboration with the world’s leading fashion house, Lafont.

The collaboration is a nod to the brand’s “Lafont” logo, which is a reference to L.A.-based fashion house LAFONTE, which also produced the shoe.

“Lafons” is the Italian word for the name of the company, which means “The Laundry” in Italian.

Lafonte also recently launched a new sneaker range, the “B-Sides”, that will feature the brand in two versions.

The first version will be exclusively released by the brand, while the second version will only be available to select stores.

The adidas LAFONT sneaker will be available at stores starting August 31.

LAFont is also releasing an exclusive pair of LAFONS to mark the release of the collaboration shoe.

The first LAFTON shoe is a white version of the adidas “BTS” sneakers that launched earlier this year.

It features a black rubber upper with a black sole.

The sole is also made of rubber.

The new collaboration shoe will be made by the French brand of L’Oréal.

It will be priced at ₹6,499 ($89.90) and it will be launched in November in stores in the country.

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