“I just want to get a new pair of glasses,” one fatheadz says

“I just want to get a new pair of glasses,” one fatheadz says

“I want a pair of Fatheadz glasses!” you might say.

Or maybe you want to look at the world with a new lens.

“I’m really looking forward to wearing them!” one reader said.

“These are just the right kind of glasses to have for me!” you may reply.

Or, if you’re not as much into eye candy, you might find this one a good fit for you.

What you should know about fathead z’s Fathead z eyewlasses: • The eyewell is a small, round metal piece with a small opening on the side to allow you to place your eye.

The glasses are made from a lightweight metal, but are made to be flexible and comfortable to wear.

The material also comes with an adjustable lens that can be adjusted to make the lens fit your eye shape.

• The lens can also be changed from one size to another.

• Fathead is a brand of eyewalls.

They are made of an organic, renewable and biodegradable material that has been engineered to be more environmentally friendly.

• You will need to wear them for 10 days before they begin to degrade and are no longer suitable for use.

Fathead’s product page: • FatHeadz: https://fathead.com/fathead/products/fatheads-eyewear-z-eye-glasses/ • Fatheads eyewards are available for purchase at the FatheadZ website for $29.99.

FatHeads website is also available on Facebook and Twitter.

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