How to watch an eye without a VR headset

How to watch an eye without a VR headset

Eyewear maker Vivid is launching a new product in the UK, the Vivid Eye-Wear, which is designed to give you a virtual glimpse of your eyes without having to strap on a headset.

Vivid said the Eye-Viewing System is “a completely natural way to see”.

It’s similar to the VR glasses you can buy from Oculus, but it’s not a headset that requires you to put your face on the screen.

“The way the VIVID Eye-Watch is designed allows you to get a virtual look of your entire eyes without a headset or any other form of peripheral display,” the company said.

The device costs £59, and comes with a pair of interchangeable lenses for viewing the outside of the eye and a screen for controlling your virtual avatar.

It also comes with four virtual “eyes” – two for the eyes and two for your face – to give a real-world perspective of the world around you.

“We wanted to create something that is not only comfortable but actually useful,” said Vivid co-founder, Jeremy Bowers.

“You can see through your eyes, not just through the screen.” “

The Eye- Wear is powered by a proprietary system that uses the camera in the Vivoactive headset to capture images of your pupils. “

You can see through your eyes, not just through the screen.”

The Eye- Wear is powered by a proprietary system that uses the camera in the Vivoactive headset to capture images of your pupils.

That system also sends those images to a smartphone app that lets you control your avatar with your eyes.

The Eye Watch uses the same technology as the Vive, which allows you “to see” what you’re looking at.

“VIVID is taking the first steps towards bringing this technology to the consumer market, and to provide the best possible experience for consumers,” said VR head of product at VIVid David Woodruff.

The company said the device is also compatible with Apple VR Headsets.

“As a VR pioneer, we are also very excited to partner with Apple to deliver the best experience to our customers,” Mr Woodruff said.

VIVIDS Eye-viewing system.

The app uses the EyeWear to let you control the virtual avatar with the eyes.

It works with a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

It takes advantage of the company’s new augmented reality headset, the Rift.

“VR headsets are designed for people who are visually impaired, but we wanted to give consumers a choice of what they could use and what they couldn’t use,” Mr Bowers said.

“Our new VR headset is built for everyone, and it’s designed to allow you to have a virtual ‘eye’ without a device.”

“We want to take the technology that VR headsets have traditionally used, and apply it to new ways of interacting with your world,” he added.

“In this way, we hope to create an experience that is both natural and easy to use for people with visual impairments.”

For consumers with a VR device, VIVIDs new Eye-wearing system is a step towards helping them avoid the need to purchase a VR product and being forced to buy VR headsets themselves.

“People have a lot of money, so they can buy a VR system,” Mr Wilson said.

It could help the company avoid a similar situation where it would have to stop selling the Vive for fear of being out-competed by Apple and Samsung, which have been able to produce products that are cheaper, better and easier to use.

Mr Wilson says the Eye Wearing System is not a replacement for buying VR headsets, but rather a means of helping consumers “to be less stressed about buying VR products”.

“It’s the next step in enabling consumers to be more confident and comfortable with VR products,” he said.

He added that the technology could be extended to other headsets in the future.

Vivo has sold over 4 million units of the Eye Wear, and has raised $2.5 million (£1.6 million) in Series A funding.

Vivids first consumer-focused headset, The EyeWatch, is available for purchase.

VIVE headsets are available for pre-order from VIVE, a VR specialist.

The new EyeWearing system from VIVids is available in a range of colours and is available on the VIVE store.

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