Which eyewears are the best bang for your buck?

Which eyewears are the best bang for your buck?

Eyewear maker Kenzo is showing off a new pair of sunglasses that offer a premium alternative to the cheaper, more comfortable models offered by other brands.

Kenzo is also showing off the new Eyeweek 2, a pair of glasses designed to offer the ultimate protection against the sun, and is offering the glasses for $150.

The new glasses, which feature a sun protection factor of 100, are the first from the brand to feature the company’s patented SunGuard technology, which helps prevent sunburn by deflecting solar radiation away from the eye.

Unlike some of the other brands’ sun protection lenses, which offer a clear, protective coating, the SunGuard eyeweeks do not, and the glasses do not have a transparent cover that allows the wearer to see the lens through the transparent layer.

A transparent layer is needed to protect the eye from harmful UV rays that cause sunburn, according to Kenzo.

According to Kenza, the sunglasses also offer better comfort than many sun glasses on the market today, as they do not absorb the sun’s heat.

“The SunGuard lenses provide the ultimate, comfortable, sun protection,” said Jim Anderson, president and chief operating officer of Kenzo, in a statement.

It is the company that is the only one that is making sunglasses that are also able to provide a protection layer against the damaging effects of the sun.

The company claims that the glasses are the most efficient sun protection device to date.

In fact, the company said that its eyeweeks are able to shield the wearer from the sun in up to 90 percent of the cases.

However, while the sun protection is great for protecting the eyes, it is not the only reason that Kenzo glasses offer a good alternative to cheaper, less comfortable alternatives.

Other eyewatches that are made by the company include the SunWatch 2 and SunWatch 3, which have a solar filter that allows them to protect against the harmful effects of solar radiation, and also the Sun Watch 3, SunWatch 4 and Sunwatch 5, which are also rated to protect you from UV rays.

While the SunWear is one of the most durable eyewares available, it does not offer a UV protection layer.

While there is a transparent covering, it can be difficult to see through to the sunglasses, making the glasses uncomfortable.

When it comes to the SunProtect, Kenzo said that it is the most cost effective product of the group, and it offers better protection than other sun glasses available today.

Additionally, the eyewebble is designed to be worn in conjunction with sunglasses that will protect the wearer’s face and neck.

For more information on Kenzo sunglasses, click here.

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