When it comes to high-end eyeware, Gucci is the king

When it comes to high-end eyeware, Gucci is the king

Gucci and eyewearing giant Louis Vuitton said they will invest $10 billion in new eyewares over the next five years.

The two brands are expanding their partnerships to include a new range of high-tech eyewears, including high-definition displays, that will be available to customers in emerging markets.

The partnership with Louis Vuitch is aimed at improving visibility and making people more comfortable, the brands said in a statement.

The new eyeglasses range will be launched in late 2018.

The company has long been a pioneer in high-performance eyewards, which use ultra-thin, glass lenses that produce a superior image.

But the cost of high quality lenses has risen to become an increasingly important issue for brands in the high-street market.

A new pair of high end glasses by Gucci will be priced between $4,000 and $8,000.

The high-priced Gucci sunglasses will be made from the new ultra-faceted technology, called HD-Lux, which uses glass to reduce reflections and improve clarity.

The eyewars will come in a range of colors, including metallic gold, silver and coral.

They will feature the latest technologies, including laser-based coating that reduces glare and water loss, and a combination of technology and materials.

The sunglasses will cost about $15,000 to make.

“Our new high-quality eyeward is going to give people visibility, make them feel comfortable and keep them looking their best.

We’re very excited about this new collaboration,” said Gucci Group CEO Nicolas Lebron.

“We’re looking forward to bringing this new technology to consumers in emerging market countries where visibility is important and where they are struggling with high eye health.”

The new sunglasses will have a built-in infrared camera and a light sensor to reduce the glare.

They’ll be offered in three sizes: a 38-millimeter, 40-millimeters and a 50-millimetre.

Gucci said it will launch its new eyepiece line in 2018.

The new glasses are designed to enhance the wearer’s visibility by creating a more natural, less-distorted image that offers a more flattering look.

The glasses will offer a wider range of color choices than previous Gucci eyewords.

The latest generation will be designed to deliver a higher contrast ratio and wider viewing angle.

The technology behind the new eyecups will also be used in the new high performance eyewell, which will have three high-def color options.

The brand said it is expanding its collaboration with Louis Louis Vuitti to include an array of high tech eyewells that will improve visibility.

“The new high tech collection will offer more features and functions, but it will not offer the same level of clarity, as its predecessor,” the brands statement said.

“This new technology will allow the wearer to see clearly without being distracted or fatigued,” Gucci’s CEO said.

“It will also improve the wearer’s comfort by reducing the need to remove the eyeglass for the night or to change eyegroups for special occasions.”

The brand also plans to offer a range to customers who prefer high-resolution displays, which include a 38mm display and a 40mm display, as well as a 50mm display.

Guitar player Gucci, which was founded in 1884 in Milan, is known for its affordable eyewash collections.

Last year, the company launched its first line of high performance high-profile sunglasses, which it said are a first for Gucci.

The range will have 38mm and 40mm high-gloss frames, and will be offered at a price of $3,500 to $5,000, the brand said.

Guccies brand glasses will have the highest-resolution colors, a wider color palette, and an expanded range of materials and finishes, including gold and coral, the statement said, adding that the glasses will also have a camera that will detect when you are wearing the glasses.

Louis Vuitch, which also owns Gucci shoes, also announced a partnership with Gucci to develop a new high end eyewashed eyewand.

The French company will partner with Gucci to develop high-speed optical technology for its new high resolution glasses.

The venture will be led by Louis Vuichart’s chief executive officer, Laurent Fauci, who is the son of the late designer Gucci founder Alessandro Fauchon.

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