The Bolon Eyewear line of sunglasses is no longer available

The Bolon Eyewear line of sunglasses is no longer available

Eyewash has always been a niche product.

It’s not really a product you buy at a store, it’s a specialty made by an individual company and it has its own set of standards and rules.

So the fact that you can buy Bolon’s line of eyewash is pretty cool.

And there’s no better way to experience the brand than to try one out yourself.

But when it comes to the brand’s long-term prospects, Bolon has some serious competition.

A new line of balaclava eyewashes, the Bolon Balaclava line, is coming to the US soon and will be available in all of the major brands’ online stores.

Bolon was founded in 2005 by Israeli-American Eyewalker and blogger Avi Ben-Zeev, who is also a former director of the Israeli Embassy in Washington. 

Ben-Zawv was instrumental in creating the Bolo Group, a nonprofit organization that helps Palestinian citizens in the United States.

His father was the founder of the company, which was launched with $150,000 in seed funding from the Israeli government. 

It was Ben-Yishai Ben-Azer, Ben-Shabak’s son, who first started talking about the idea of an eyewashing line. 

“I was very excited,” Ben-Azar told me in a phone interview.

“I’ve been talking about it for a long time, and when I found out about Bolon, I had no idea that there were such companies, and that they’re still around. 

When I was doing the research, I realized that this was the company that could take care of the Palestinians.

And I decided to take them on.

And now we’re doing a whole line of Balaclavas.” 

The first Balaclavoras are available to the public for $250. 

They are the same as the Bolons, but they come in black, yellow, orange, red, and green.

They are made with polypropylene fibers and are intended to be used for sunglasses.

The price is also lower than the $350 that Bolon charges for its own balaclavacas. 

Bolon’s founder Avi has worked as a marketing consultant for a number of brands.

He started with the Israeli military, and he said he has used his contacts to get the Balaclazas to the masses. 

But now, with the Bolonicas coming to retail stores, Avi is not only marketing them to the general public, he’s also targeting the Palestinian communities in the US who may not be familiar with the brand. 

The company is planning to open an office in New York, but it won’t open until November. 

Azer said he plans to open a new location in the Los Angeles area, but only in two states: California and Nevada. 

He also said that his company has a plan to open another location in New Mexico in December. 

For now, Ben Zawv said, his focus is on his family.

“We have the best family, and we’re not thinking about any other brands.

We just want to make a difference,” he said. 

What are your thoughts on the Bolonian brand?

Are you ready to get your first pair of Bolon eyeglasses?

What do you think of the new Balaclas? 

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